Friday, April 17

etsy eye candy

Today I have a few letterpress goodies to show you that I found on etsy. Happy Friday everyone!

folky flower folded note from dutch door press

congratulations baby (bebe) letterpress greeting card by smock paper

elephants limited edition letterpress print by ink + wit

Thursday, April 16

New House!!!

Wow, a week has past since my last post! Seems like a few hours. But that is just because I have been so busy with the new house!

My husband and I just bought a great new house! The house is a large 4 bedroom, with a gorgeous backyard that overlooks a local metro park! Everything is starting to turn green and bloom and is looking beautiful. While the house is a great shell, there is much work to be done–hence my absence. We have been ripping down wallpaper, scraping glue off the walls, tearing down ceiling tiles, and ripping out paneling. There is still a lot to do. We still have a lot more glue to scrape, can I just say what a life saver a steamer is when taking wallpaper and glue off of walls! Plus we have to patch a ton of holes (all small), paint some of the rooms and I'm sure a ton of other things that I am not thinking about right now.

I think the thing that I am most excited about is the room that I get to claim for my studio/office. It is a large bedroom that overlooks the backyard and the huge tulip tree that is back there. I can't wait for it to bloom! Anyway, I promise to post some pictures when I get a little more time.