Friday, May 1

busy, busy, busy...

Sorry for my absence and random posting lately. Between working on the new house, finishing up my semester of teaching, freelance work and designing new stationery & wedding invitations, I haven't had any spare time to post! Anyway, I thought I would just pop in to wish everyone a good weekend. I'm going to be working hard today doing some grading and planning some final exams. Hopefully I'll get over to the house for a few hours too and that way I can go watch my little brother play some baseball tomorrow for a nice break from it all.

Hope everyone is having a nice spring so far. I'll leave you with a photo of my beautiful lily of the valley. They didn't bloom last year, so I was so excited to see all of the delicate little white flowers bloom this year!

Monday, April 27

milton glaser...

I recently assigned a project to some of my students where they were supposed to pick an influential designer of the 20th century and write an essay about their lives and work. One of my students chose Milton Glaser and in his research found this video on youtube, which I found to be rather inspiring. Thought I would share.