Tuesday, March 8

better late than never...

Hello all,

Sorry I've been away for a while. Things have been really busy and then I got really sick! Like almost pneumonia sick! I'm doing much better though and trying to catch up after having to take almost a week and a half off.

In my absence I actually had to photograph some of my work, which is good because I've been wanting to post it anyway!

Here are just a couple of photos of my wedding invitations which I design and letterpressed almost 3 years ago (hence the better late...) I was really happy with them and they are basically how I decided that designing/creating stationery was really what I was interested in. I've done other suites since then, which I will post soon. Enjoy!

Friday, February 11

beautiful illustration

I ran across a portfolio site for a new to me illustrator: Darren Booth. I am especially attracted to the hand lettering. I love all of the texture that goes into it. Gorgeous!!! Check out more on his portfolio or his blog! Definitely worth a few minutes!

I'm always a sucker for a beautiful ampersand!

Friday, January 21

Free Typography Lesson!

Something that always urks me a little as a designer is when I get a bunch of text from someone and after every period there are TWO spaces. Let me inform anyone reading this... that is an incorrect practice.

It all began with the typewriter, when each letter took up the same amount of space whether it was skinny like an "i" or fat like a "m" (called monotype). Using 2 spaces was necessary because the letters were already a little spaced out and it was difficult to distinguish where the end of a sentence was. These days we don't have that problem any more! The letters have individual spacing that takes care of the problem, with maybe the exception of Courier.

That's the basics of it, if you are interested or disagree, check out this article!

Thursday, January 20

Free Font: Matilde

If you like the little frames that I used around these little guys, you can download them! They are part of a really pretty free font called Matilde. Get both the fonts and the frames here.

Wednesday, January 12

Valentine's Day Card

Hello there!

I've just posted a printable Valentine's Day card in my etsy shop featuring this little cutie! Perfect for kids or just about anyone!

Friday, January 7

Hello New Year!

Hello everyone! Well another year has come and gone and the short list of things I set out to do last year... well let's just say that everything still needs done! Not a fun thought at the beginning of the year to realize that you didn't accomplish any of the things that you wanted to try to get done. Of course I did so many other things, just not the few extras that I had hoped to acheive! I was terribly busy with freelance work, which I am grateful for because it pays the bills : ) I don't think that is likely to change, also a good thing! I am working on rearranging my time a little so I can squeeze in some time to blog, for example. I hope to make it a more regular occurrence.

I did have some exciting things happen to me in the last year and hopefully I'll get around to sharing some of that here! I will share this with you, some fun illustrations that I did as part of a freelance project in December. I know monsters and alligators are typically threatening or scary, but I think these are just plain cute!!!