Thursday, May 22

busy little bee!

Hi everyone,
Sorry things have been a little slow here this week. I've been really busy with some freelance work and with getting ready for my next session of classes to start at the Art Institute. I teach a new set of classes every 5.5 weeks, so it can get a little hectic finishing up one class and starting another! On the freelance front I've been working on some info graphics, some web design and some web graphics. Oh, and a few meetings as well. My week has been swamped! I've also been trying to finish up the happy home print that I was working on.

So... with all of this, I haven't had much time to blog. Next week should be a little better :)
I'll leave you with this pattern that I recently found on Pinterest. I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest, it's full of soooo much inspiration on just about everything!
Designer: Wendy Kendall

Click here to check out my pattern board on pinterest! I just started it recently, so there are only a few, but I've been following this one that is full of great patterns!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 21

love this idea!

I've often made my own rubber stamps by carving them myself, but I love the idea of being able to design them with real type and have them created. I ran across this post and am now inspired to actually try it out! Perhaps I should add it to the mile long to do list of "ideas to try"!

Happy Wednesday everyone!