Thursday, March 26

One of those days...

I seem to be having one of those days... scratch that weeks, where it seems like I work and work and work but never accomplish anything. I have been on spring break from school this week so I haven't had classes to teach and I find myself going a bit stir crazy at home all by myself. I made myself a big to do list for the week and while I have been working and crossing things off, it still seems like I haven't done enough. I suppose that is the downside to working for yourself, there is always more to do! Oh well, probably just a little rut that I need to work through.

Well I'm off to finish some grading to hopefully cross another thing off the list.
Note to self: make better, more detailed to do lists so the projects are broken up in smaller chunks and there is more to cross off. Maybe then I would feel more accomplished : )

Wednesday, March 25

Stockton & Co.

Saw the cutest little prints on etsy today. Stockton & Co. created these precious little veggies: and these great mini whale notecards.

Tuesday, March 24


Came across some great little cards from pinecone+chickadee this weekend. They are a husband and wife team in Maine and make journals, cards, tote bags and more! I especially like these 2:

love birds card and blue owl card

I love the graphic quality and simplicity! They also do some inspiring graphic design work.

Monday, March 23

Busy Bee

Today I have been scurrying around the house cleaning and decluttering. Not only do I have the Spring cleaning bug, but we are also trying to sell our house and people are coming to look at it tonight! It's amazing how many little things you let slide when you live in your house.

I'm off to clean out yet another closet. I'll leave you all with a sneak peak of a new card I have been working on.