Wednesday, February 22

New items in the shop

I've been absent for a little while around here. I was busy getting a lot of product together to apply for my first craft market. I'll be posting a lot of new items in my shop soon, I just need it to be a little brighter outside so I can get some decent photos.  A little more time to create the listings wouldn't hurt either :)

In the mean time, here is a new linocut printed on plywood that is ready for purchase.

Here are a couple of others I've been working on too!

Saturday, February 11

Need a last minute Valentine for the kids?

Now, I am not claiming that this is an original idea, but it is a cute one! It's easy and inexpensive too.
All you have to do is go to the dollar store, target, walmart, etc., pick up a pack of small dinosaurs and attach them to the tags. I did these one year with my son and I hot glued them. The hot glue is great because it holds the dino to the tag, but rather easily comes off the plastic. I've seen others where people punched a couple of small holes and tied with bakers twine. Pretty easy no matter how you attach them. You could have your kiddo write their name at the bottom and voila, done!

Best of all, I've created a free printable for you, how's that for roar-some! 

Here are some other versions I've seen of this, both with printables!

Friday, February 10

Aargh, Pirate Snack!

Thought I'd pop in today to share a fun little pirate themed snack that's healthy to boot! My son's preschool was doing pirate week and he was lucky enough to be snack leader one of the days. Or maybe I'm the lucky one, I love sending in a fun snack for all of the kids!

The original idea came from here. I decided to make it a touch more fun and add little pirate flags to the top! What do you think, cute... right?!

They are super simple to make too. All you have to do is slice up some apples, some cheese (I used colby jack), stick a tooth pick in and if you want, add the jolly roger! I found it easiest if the cheese slices were a bit thick so they didn't break when I was putting the tooth pick through. I did have a bit of trouble getting them to stand up. You have to be careful to balance the cheese properly. It was easiest if it sat a bit lower, closer to the apple. Best of all, I've put together a free printable of the little flags!. I printed them on full sheet label paper, cut them out and folded them around the top of the tooth pick. They would also be super cute as cupcake toppers!  Download the free printable here.

Easy, fun and healthy. Not a bad combo :)