Thursday, May 29

still buzzing over here!

Well... my hopes of things being a little slower this week have been crushed by some new projects that came in yesterday and today. I can't complain, being busy means more income, but holy cow things have been crazy! I have a lot of fun craft/design projects that I'd like to tackle, but they will have to wait for a bit more free time.

I was able to finish my soft doll house! Here are just a few photos. I was really excited how it turned out. I know that it will be played with for many years to come! The photos aren't the best, but I had to hurry up and take them with my phone before wrapping it up to take it to the birthday party!  I got the idea here, but as you can see, have made something all my own! I don't even think I ended up following the construction quite the same, but it certainly helped to have a tutorial to refer to. Such a fun project, though it did take quite a while to complete!
front door
side view
other side

little dolly and her fox inside the house