Thursday, July 2


I'm just loving these beautiful cards by A Little Hut—designs by Patricia Zapata! They are so simple and lovely. I love her exploration with projects and how she talks about her process on her blog. Check it out!

P.S. I won't be posting again until Monday because me and the hubby are going on a short weekend trip to Virginia. Happy 4th of July (everyone in the US that is) ; )

Wednesday, July 1

new exploration

So this afternoon I was taking a break from all of the design work I have been buried under and decided to take a look through a book I had received for Christmas, but hadn't looked at yet. My parents bought me a copy of "How to be an Explorer of the World" by Keri Smith and somehow I have managed not to even crack the thing open until today. The book is filled with all sorts of ideas and "projects" that are supposed to inspire and allow you to open up and see your surrounding, or at least that is my take. As I was flipping through and reading pages here and there, I decided to start my own exploration. I've decided to collect a small scrap of mail everyday (except Sundays and holidays). Hopefully there will be something interesting everyday, but I think that is part of the exploration, finding the interesting parts of the uninteresting. So here it goes, I'm going to try to do this for at least a month and see what kind of paper scraps I have accumulated. Maybe I'll keep it up for longer, or perhaps I'll come up with a different group of things to collect and study. Maybe at the end I'll come up with something to make out of the scraps... who knows. I'll be sure to scan them in every now and again to share the patterns, colors, etc. that I find.

Letterpress goodies

I found some letterpress cards on etsy today that I thought were fun and beautifully printed. They are handcrafted by a husband and wife team who run the letterpress delicacies shop. I especially liked these 3:

Tuesday, June 30

Sorry for the absence

Well, it seems like an eternity since I posted. I have been so busy with design work lately that I couldn't seem to find the time to sleep, let alone post.
So I will try to be more regular, but am making no promises : )

Anyway, I found some wonderful desktop wallpapers on kindred. All beautiful and from a variety of artists. I am currently using this one by sugarloop! Enjoy!