Friday, June 6

info graphics

I know I've keep saying I've been really busy, and I haven't shared much of the end products with you. Most of that is because I have to wait until my client publishes/prints it, but the wait is over for a recent info graphic project I completed! Both graphics have a lot to do with how trees help save the environment, energy and money! They were a lot of fun to create. I'm not sure if I would call them true info graphics, but they certainly fall into that realm. Enjoy!
Graphic can be viewed live here.

Graphic can be viewed live here.

Thursday, June 5

design eye candy

I've been busy for the last few days working on a new freelance project. It's a brochure to discuss the post undergraduate programs at a near by highly rated school of business. I can't share the actual design yet, but I found these two really nice pieces that have provided some much needed inspiration! Both were stumbled upon by doing a quick search on Pinterest. I have to admit I'm slightly addicted, but if it helps me do paying work that makes it ok right :) Anyway, enjoy the pretty graphic eye candy!