Friday, January 21

Free Typography Lesson!

Something that always urks me a little as a designer is when I get a bunch of text from someone and after every period there are TWO spaces. Let me inform anyone reading this... that is an incorrect practice.

It all began with the typewriter, when each letter took up the same amount of space whether it was skinny like an "i" or fat like a "m" (called monotype). Using 2 spaces was necessary because the letters were already a little spaced out and it was difficult to distinguish where the end of a sentence was. These days we don't have that problem any more! The letters have individual spacing that takes care of the problem, with maybe the exception of Courier.

That's the basics of it, if you are interested or disagree, check out this article!

Thursday, January 20

Free Font: Matilde

If you like the little frames that I used around these little guys, you can download them! They are part of a really pretty free font called Matilde. Get both the fonts and the frames here.