Wednesday, August 26

fabric bowls

I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to make on of these fabric bowls!

You can make one though. Find complete instructions here.

Perhaps when I am done programming 3 websites, finishing up tons of wedding collateral for a friend/client, preparing for the semester to start and all of my other freelance projects I can make one too!

Yikes, it sounds like even more when I write it down. Oh well, one day at a time ; )

(Images from Imagine Fabric.)

Monday, August 24

my absence

Sorry about my absence lately. This summer seems like it has been one big project after another! I am busy this week preparing the syllabuses for my classes which begin next week! I can't believe the fall semester is here already. I have done several projects that I want to share, but haven't had any time to take photos yet!

Here is a little eye candy to tide you over until I can get back to more regular posting. It's a great childrens book by Werner Design Werks, using letters to create the animals! So great!