Tuesday, April 6

oh my neglected blog...

Well, it would seem that every time I start feeling as though things are settling down and I am able to blog with some regularity, things get absolutely crazy again! I have been so swamped with work lately (not that I'm complaining) that I just haven't had any spare time. I mean, last week I worked over 40 hours in 4 days! I have so much still in progress that I am getting mentally bogged to the point of shutting down. I feel like my laptop when I have left in on too long without restarting, but somehow I'm still chugging along : )

Anyway, lately I have been introducing some of my students to illustrators and one of my recent favorites is David Weidman. This piece in particular seems to fit in with my life/schedule lately!

Hope everyone is having a nice Spring so far!

Friday, March 5

flury of activity

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I have been buried in grading this week. I just returned almost 500 collages to my 80 illustration students! It's been a bit busy and on top of that I've been trying to get an order of save the date cards out the door! Below is a sneak peak of the magnet that is being printed for the inside of the card. I love the color palette for this wedding!!! I'll photograph the whole thing once they are done. Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 24

beautiful print

Doing some lazy internet surfing yesterday I came across this beautiful print. It's called Fancy Dress, by Yasmine Surovec a designer and illustrator from the Bay area. I love the detail on the dress. So feminine and pretty! It can be purchased here for $35 and 15% of the profit goes to the kids in need foundation, which works to provide school supplies to children in need.

A beautiful piece of art and donating to a good cause... as if I would need another reason ; )

Friday, February 19

Olympic Graphics

Ok, so everyone has already seen them I'm sure. But I really do love the graphics for these olympic games! Every time I start watching the figure skating, I just want them to stop and span around the rink so I can see all of the art! Ah, I'm a sucker for all good design!

Here are some of the icons:

and I love the little characters that are used on the website:
Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, February 8

What type are you?

I'm sure many people have seen this, but I still think it is pretty fun. To see what type you are click here. (The password is character)

I am Archer Hairline, a font that I find quite beautiful! Happy Monday everyone.

Friday, January 29

Sorry I've been away...

So, the new year has come and already January is almost over! I can't believe how long it has been since I last posted! It isn't that I haven't had anything to post about, or that I've forgotten, just not enough time in a day it seems. I think that is the same story of most people who are self-employed. Or most people for that matter.

It's been a busy several months, and I don't feel like that will change any time soon. I do have lots of fun things that I need to photograph and share with the world, but with as gray as it has been here lately, not sure when that will happen. That's the trouble when you live in NE Ohio. I feel so behind... I'm still trying to figure out what my New Year's goals are! I do know that one goal is to commit to posting here AT LEAST once a week. I would love to do it everyday, but I don't want to over promise, especially to myself. I just end up feeling bad. So after being away for several months, I think once a week is an excellent goal.

Well, I hope everyone has had a wonderful January and beginning of their new year! Here's hoping to see you all once a week!