Friday, April 3

More embroidery hoops!

It must be the week for them. I posted about an over sized cross stitch on Wednesday and today found these great bulletin boards from little pretty studio. They are called and are quite fun! I love this idea and think it would be great to have a ton of these in different sizes and fabrics with some stitched letters in the mix. I hear that studio wall calling again...

Thursday, April 2

New items in the shop

I was able to finish putting everything that I made last weekend up in my shop yesterday. You can see on the back of the square gift tags and leaf stationery the fabric that I was talking about the other day. The colors of ink I had mixed reminded me of these fabrics that I had packed away, and when I pulled them out, they were a great match! I had to put the fabric on the back, so cute and fun!

Wednesday, April 1

Fun idea!

While perusing some blogs today I discovered this lovely photo on Oh So Beautiful Paper, originally posted on {frolic!}. I am in love with the huge embroidery hoop that the model is holding with the over-sized cross stitch! What a fun idea. Perhaps it's time for some new artwork for the studio wall.
Hope everyone had/is having a nice Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 31

Music Saves Lives

I find it amazing how emotional some music can be! Take a look at this video filmed with musicians from around the world.
Stand By Me from David Johnson on Vimeo.

Monday, March 30

Weekend Printing

After having a not so inspiring Thursday, I took Friday to sort of collect my thoughts and decided some weekend printing would help me feel more accomplished.

I pulled out my new ink and started mixing some colors. I didn't like the red-orange that you can see peeking in from the corner, but I was more than satisfied with the coral color. It reminded me of some fabric I had tucked away and gave me an idea (more on that another day).
I've had the intention of printing some tags for a while now and even had the type picked out, so I finally locked it up on the press and got to work. I managed to print quite a few tags and then mixed up some yellow-green and did some simple stationery. Sorry no photos of the green, it got dark and taking photos at night doesn't work very well : ) I pulled out the fabric, had some fun and voila! Feelings of accomplishment. I still have quite a bit to do and need to put a few finishing touches on the tags, but I suspect I will have them in the shop sometime this week.

Here's to a new week