Friday, January 7

Hello New Year!

Hello everyone! Well another year has come and gone and the short list of things I set out to do last year... well let's just say that everything still needs done! Not a fun thought at the beginning of the year to realize that you didn't accomplish any of the things that you wanted to try to get done. Of course I did so many other things, just not the few extras that I had hoped to acheive! I was terribly busy with freelance work, which I am grateful for because it pays the bills : ) I don't think that is likely to change, also a good thing! I am working on rearranging my time a little so I can squeeze in some time to blog, for example. I hope to make it a more regular occurrence.

I did have some exciting things happen to me in the last year and hopefully I'll get around to sharing some of that here! I will share this with you, some fun illustrations that I did as part of a freelance project in December. I know monsters and alligators are typically threatening or scary, but I think these are just plain cute!!!